Posted by: markashworth | July 13, 2009

Maggi Mee

Zzzzoom! Some ah beng flashed past in his mum’s Nissan, complete with badly arranged clip on accessories and stickers.

“Crikey. Cars are so bloody expensive in Singapore. Yet they still stick those crappy $1 ‘bad boy’ stickers on them in all the wrong places,” I commented to the driver.

“No lah. Cars not so expensive these days. Me and you can afford,” he replied back to me.

“What! Maybe I can afford to buy one but they are so expensive to keep running. Maybe I can afford one if I eat Maggi Mee every day!”

That statement struck the ultimate chord.

“Wah hah ha ha ha! Maggie MEEEEE. You ah!” bounced the words from his seat.

“Yeah! Ha ha. Maggi Mee,” I laughed back. Somehow I felt that I had not fully understood the joke though.

“Maaaaggi MEEE ah you! Ha! Ha ha ha ha ha! Wah lau. Maggi Mee you.”

This went on for a good five minutes or so.

After the joke had died down I finally started converse normally and asked him the usual questions. ‘How long have you been a taxi driver?’ ‘Are you married?’ ‘How many children do you have?’ The last of which questions was the final question of my journey. It was answered like so:

“Four daughters. Wah lau. Next month ah. My oldest one. She getting married liao. Sommore I’m paying for it,” he told me.

“Ha ha! Then you’ll be eating Maggi Mee all next month!”

Bugger. What had I done? I started it off again:

“Maaaaggi MEEE ah you! Ha! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

“Ok. Thats enough. Stop here now you nonsensical gentleman!” I demanded. Admittedly, it was not so much of a demand but a polite suggestion and we were outside my house anyway.

My best PG Wodehouse character accent sure told him though (no. none of that part is really true).

“Seven dollars sixty cents please Maggi Mee.”

“There you go,” I said whilst passing him a ten dollar note.

“Ok. There’s your change Maggi Mee. Ah you Maggi Mee ah you! Wah Lau!” he chuckled whilst holding his forehead with his left hand.

“Thankyou. Good night.”

“Goodnight Maggi MEEEE!”


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