Posted by: markashworth | July 14, 2009

Dirty Old Pervert Taxi Drivers

My foiled attempts to flag down a taxi numerous times, only to be snubbed by the taxi driver, got me thinking.
On some nights I have even been bypassed by a b@#$%#d taxi driver who only went and picked up a women who was standing 50 metres down the road from me.

I can only imagine that some taxi drivers have some sort of criteria for picking and choosing their passengers.

So here’s a list of the pecking order that I imagine these taxi men have. Complete with their reasoning:

10. Family of ang moh. Screw them, they’re probably only going to some hotel round the corner.

9. Single ang moh tourist. Oh crap, he’s going to confuse me with some chim English. Then again, if I don’t understand him, I can just take him to Geylang. Yeah they all love it there.

8. Single ang moh dude working in Singapore. Screw him. Coming over here taking our jobs. They’ll be driving taxis soon.

7. Bitch looking office woman in her forties. Screw her. I’m not having her bark at me for her bill being 10 cents more than last time.

6. Single Singaporean working dude. Hmm. I might not take him. Seems to have ‘kwai lan’ written all over his face.

5. Old lady with 20 bags of durians. Oh crap. What the hell? Si beh tu lan. Ah never mind. Must respect elders.

4. Single ‘ugly’ girly. Hmm. Its getting late anyway. Not much action today. Ok can can.

3. Single ‘chio’ girly with a normal skirt. Damn, I can’t see up it but I can still fantasize about getting her number.

2. Single ‘ugly’ girly with a short skirt. Ah ah face cannot make it ah but got nice short skirt I can perve at.

1. Single ‘chio’ girly with a short skirt. Corrr yeah. I bet she’s going to give me her phone number cos I’m such an attractive chi ko pek. Dirty old bastard.


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