Posted by: markashworth | July 17, 2009

Mount Fabbbberrrrr

Three locals. Two foreigners. Together, we got inside a taxi.

“No way,” he said, “If I get caught. I’ll lose my license for sure. There’s no way I’m risking having four people on the back seat.”

Stupidly, myself and the other foreigner decided to get out and get in another taxi together. We flagged another one down in only a matter of seconds.

“Take us to Mount Faber please”


“Mount Faber?”

“Where’s that? I’ve never heard of it,” he said. Despite Mount Faber being a popular spot amongst both locals and tourists.

“Mount Faber? Mount Fibber? Mount Faaaaaber? Mount Fobber? Mount Fubber? Mount Fabbbberrrrrr Munt Flibber?” we tried to pronounce it in every way possible.

“Where? How to get there?” he asked again, seemingly oblivious to the place.

“We don’t know how to get there. We’re not Singaporean,” my friend replied, who was already slightly agitated.

“Hey. Its next to the World Trade Centre and the cable car station,” my colleague pointed out as he remembered.

“Ahh. World Trade Centre,” he agreed, and we finally thought we were getting somewhere.

Within five minutes the taxi driver had taken us to the World Trade Centre.

“Ok. Now Mount Faber”

Then the taxi driver got angry. “Why you tell me World Trade Centre if you don’t wanna go World Trade Centre? You ask for World Trade Centre and now we here.”

“Just look around this area” my colleague insisted. After scouring up and down the road a while, we finally saw a glimmer of hope when there was a sign for ‘Mount Faber’ which lead to a long winding hill.

“Oh. Mount Faber,” he said casually, and drove us up the hill to the pub at the top which was heaving with people from all over. My friend and I foaming at the mouths and ready to strangle him to death. Even though taxi drivers are generally not tipped in Singapore, We did have a few verbal tips of our own to give him.


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