Posted by: markashworth | July 26, 2009

Unknown Areas of Singapore

A list of places that I always have trouble getting to in a taxi.

10. Sims Place (Sims Drive ah? .. No. Sims PLACE.)

9. Bukit Gombak MRT. (buuukit batok MRT ah? .. no GOMBAK .. wheres that? … errr, in bukit batok 😐 )

8. Gateway Building (they always ask East or West… then drop you at the opposite)

7. Anchor Point (where? where? ahh near ee-kea building ah? then why not you say first lah.)

6. Bugis Village (ah ha.. i take you through the ERP gantry and pretend you said Bugis Junction [cackle])

5. Marina South Park. (even after I told him to take me to Marina MRT station he still refused)

4. Potong Pasir. (wah lau. soooo ulu ah!)

3. Biopolis (biopowhat??)

2. Mount Faber/Faaber/Fabber/Flibber/Flapper (read previous blog)


1. Nanyang Technological University! (who’s NOT had trouble getting there?)


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