Posted by: markashworth | November 10, 2009

Americans are Gwai Lo. Europeans are Ang Moh.

Driver: Where you from?

Me: England. The UK.

Driver: How long you stay in Singapore?

Me: Eight years.

Driver: Ah. Do you know we call you guys “ang moh?”

Me: Yeah. Red hair right? Like Ronald McDonald.

Driver: …

Driver: You know we call you guys “ang moh” right?

Me: Yeah.

Driver: So, the Americans. They are the gwai lo. Those devils!

Me: I never knew you had classifications for yangren.

Driver: …

Driver: British are good. Because Singapore is owned by British before. So we see sooo many of you guys all the time. We get used to it lah.

Me: Yeah. True.

Driver: But the Americans. They just wanna… [blah blah blah blah]. So THEY are the gwai lo.. Those b…


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