Posted by: markashworth | February 5, 2010

Your friend IS from Nepal

Drivers who have been on the road for many years have, more often than not, amassed vast amounts of knowledge from their travels and conversations with the masses of people they have met from all around the world. This knowledge comes into play when judging the race of passengers.

Driver: *spouts some Mandarin, and some more Mandarin… presumably something about his last passenger*

[long silence]

Driver: *more Mandarin*

Me: Wooo bu keeeee yiiii shhhhouuuu…

[then the driver turns around and looks at me]

Driver: Oh! No wonder you didn’t say anything just now.

Me: Ha ha.

Driver: Where are you from?

Me: [usual response]

Driver: No wonder… but why didn’t your friend respond?

Mark’s Friend: I’m not Chinese. I’m from Bangladesh.

Driver: No you’re not.


Driver: You look Chinese. You’re not from Bangladesh.

Mark’s Friend: I’m Bangladeshi. I grew up in Dhaka.

Driver: No. I don’t think so. You’re from Nepal.

Mark’s Friend: I’m not.

Driver: Yes you are. I know. You don’t look like a Bangladeshi. You must be from Nepal.

Mark: Really? You’ve been a Ghurka all this time and never told me?


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