About ‘The Taximan Say Also’

During the innocent hours of the daytime, the Singapore taxi driver is the jolly, talkative, all wise and all-knowing master of the roads and unofficial personal counselor to the Singaporean population.

Come nightfall, the cranks come out to play. Deprived of sleep and loaded with kopi-o, they almost bounce off their seat whilst excitedly forcing tall stories onto unsuspecting passengers about such interesting topics as the kidney stealing health care industry and the all powerful ‘goverment’ who apparently has spies living underneath your kitchen sink.

The Taximan Say Also

So welcome to ‘Singapore most best taxi blog!’ Revived into WordPress format for 2009, this blog is a continuation of the ‘taxi man says’ blog that darkened our interwebs a few years back before going on a temporary hiatus. Don’t expect any literary genius here; in fact, don’t even expect any proper English.


The original blog was taken off line in 2007 for the following reasons:

1. Blogger.com became kinda stagnant.

2. The amount of spam and hate mail became too much for the author to handle. I guess with fame, comes unwanted attention. Thankfully the great tool provided by WordPress defeats the need for me to manually deal with it anymore.

3. I have far too many other blogs.

4. I started to fear that I would be banned from taking taxis in Singapore forever.

Back by popular demand

So the blog opens again. As the taxi drivers keep telling me their quirky stories and conspiracy theories, I’ll be sure to post them up here.


Have a shocking taxi story? You’ve gotta tell me!


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